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Born in 1976, Moroccan contemporary artist Younes EL Jay known as DALSINKY, has been all the talk since 2016. Passionate about all forms of art, especially the more interactive ones, we talk about him through his unique creations, made with depth and  passion .
DALSINKY began at the age of eight years old by playing with modeling clay and making all sorts of figurines, recreating things he knew, or making up new items that he had imagined every detail of. This creative freedom that he gave himself is what will help him later to create his empire and make him the talented artist he has become.

It is only after obtaining his baccalaureate in Casablanca, Morocco that things really started taking off. He enrolled in art school and stood out as a particularly ambitious and talented student. He would bring attention to his pieces by participating in many art expositions curated by his school. He specialized himself in graphic design to be able to pursue his passion and work with communication counseling agencies and develop his expertise by taking different artistic directions for various brands.

His goal was to settle, create an empire of expression for his art that he would call “Beyond the Canvas”, and design an exceptional art collection combining both paintings and sculptures.  He is convinced that Art must communicate life and interact with its audience. It has the power to engage you so fully, bringing you into the present moment.

Amazing art dalsinky
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